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How to extend Windows 8.1 partition without messing up?

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    How to extend Windows 8.1 partition without messing up?


    I just installed Windows 8.1 on my laptop, but I stupidly made the OS partition too small. As extending it doesn't seem to be possible through Disk Management, I thought about using Easeus Partition Master. However people here and elsewhere are saying it messes up Windows 8.1's recovery environment. Is there another program or tweak through which I could extend the C: partition without messing anything up?


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    I've used Mini Tool Partition Wizard many times - just be sure you understand what you are doing.
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    Maybe the reason that Disk Management is not cooperating is that you are trying to shrink/move the Recover partition to resize the OS partition. If that is the case, then using any other tool to do that is likely to corrupt the Recovery partition and prevent you from using it in the future.
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    Disk management only allows you to extend partition when there are unallocated space next to its right. I suggest you use AOMEI Partition Assistant, the standard(free) version will do this. You can follow the extend partition wizard to complete the process, which mostly won't even need you to reboot your computer. Or you can use merge partition function, which allows you to merge any partition on the same disk to C: drive.
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    The tool isn't the problem -- keeping the Recovery environment is the problem. ANY tool that resizes or move the Recovery partition risks corrupting the Recovery environment. Period.

    If you're seriously worried about recovering the PC, the best bet is to do the following:
    1) Download and install the free version of Macrium Reflect
    2) Use MR to image off the System Reserved and OS partitions to an external drive
    3) Use the option to create a boot CD/USB

    NOW, you can remove the Recovery partition, because you no longer need it to be able to restore the PC, and resize other partitions without worrying.
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    Really need to see a pic of Disk Management
    to see what partition is after the OS partition
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    I have been using EaseUS Partition Master , but I do not have the problem that you encountered. This should be caused by Windows upgrade, there are also talking about the issue .
    Windows 8.1 Recovery - Could not find recovery environment
    you can also ask the MS.
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How to extend Windows 8.1 partition without messing up?
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