I'm using old application named Jot Notes, developed for Windows in the 90s King Stairs Software.
It has worked flawlessly on all Windows versions through Windows 7.
On my specific Windows 8 laptop (Dell 3147) there is a serious issue.
When scrolling through a text note that is long, the keyboard repeat rate gets progressively slower as I advance through the note, so at the bottom
of the note, the repeat rate is very slow, for example when I hold down an arrow key to advance the note line by line the repeat rate is over 1-second.
A few key points. This issue doesn't happen in notepad, wordpad or MSword. Also, I tried an external USB keyboard and the problem still occurs. Interestingly, I tried a friend's Windows 8 laptop and this issue was absent (Jot Notes worked completely fine on my friend's Windows 8 lapop). I wonder if there is some Windows 8 setting that could be causing my issue. This is extremely annoying and I want to see if there is a way to troubleshoot and fix this issue. I would appreciate some guidance.