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Process icons disappearing from the system tray

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    Process icons disappearing from the system tray

    When I am running VPN, the process icon usually shows up in the system tray (when I click on the up arrow on the system tray). That way, I can right click on the icon and modify the running process, or even end it. However, once in a while I have noticed that the VPN process icon simply disappears from the tray. But it is really running when I look under Task Manager - it just doesn't have an active icon in the tray. I have accidentally tried to invoke VPN again without realizing it was already running, and I am worried this may corrupt the configuration files. Any ideas why the process icon is disappearing, and only sometimes?

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    Tray notification has always been a bit flaky. Rather than try to tune which icons show and which do not I use small Taskbar icons and make my Taskbar triple height. Then I go through all the icons in the tray options and set every one to "always show icons and notifications." After that I check the box to always show icons and notifications. Then, just to be sure, I flush the Tray Notification Cache.

    Notification Area Icons - Reset - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I am not sure which works better. Flushing first then adjusting the settings, or the other way around. It is something I tend to do once and not need to do again for 6 months. So I forget the order I did it in.
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Process icons disappearing from the system tray
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