i upgraded to windows 10 and everything was good!!! but then i thought, hmm i should reset my computer so i can start brand new! so i did, there were several options i clicked and i dont remember them all exactly but i know i selected to delete all personal files, and to clean my drives so they'd be harder to recover files from. it warned me it would take a while to reset if i clicked this option and i didnt really care honestly
it's been 4 hours more or less now and it's been stuck at 99% for a little more than an hour now, is this normal?? im very scared if i shut off my PC something will go wrong or i need to reinstall windows or something and im really confused about that!!!! windows 8 came preinstalled on this PC, i dont have a disk or anything to install it again. going through the process it sounded like i didnt need to reinstall the OS anyway, but i wont be able to go back to windows 8 once reset and im good with that. like, at one point it said that the system will be reset with windows 10. please help idk this is probably hard to read im just kinda scared haha