I followed the instructions for How to Relocate User Profiles to another Partition or Disk in Windows 8. Step 1.2 indicated a command prompt entry :C:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /AUDIT /REBOOT It rebooted...to a message that indicated that the installation process failed and to reinstall, Not a good event.

The PC has a small "Boot" MSATA drive with the OS (Win 8.1) on it. When I tried to access (anything) on the drives from the command prompt during the Repair mode (that was accessed by booting to the Install CD only the D drive was available. I removed the D Drive and using the command prompt again, I was able to gain access to the C: (MSATA) drive. How do I reverse this process? Is there a command to Exit the Audit mode and then all will be back to normal?????