For the past couple of days i have been having a problem where my computer just shuts down on its own and then turns back on again. It mostly happens when im launching or playing a game but a couple of times i was just on the desktop and it restarted. I have checked the event logs and it keeps saying this:

The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device SWD\SensorsAndLocationEnum\LPSensorSWDevice.

I have searched all over the internet for the past couple of days and have found multiple answers (all of which didn't work). Some say its the psu and others say its the gpu. I personally think it was the windows update that i did three days ago because that was the day it started but i have yet to see anything online about a windows update causing this. I have already updated the graphics drivers and chipset drivers but it didn't change anything. Can someone just tell me whats going on because is just built this pc about 6 months ago and nothing like this has ever happened.

MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming Motherboard
Intel Core i7 4770K
Nvidia Geforce GTX 780TI
680W PSU (Not sure what the brand is. I think it might be kentek or something)