my laptop is stuck at 99% plugged in,charging.

so here is the story..
i was watching a video on youtube after few minutes the laptop got shutdown
immediately without any message,and the laptop was too hot and i think it had shut down because of overheating(this had never happened) .then i left it to cool down ,after some minutes i started it without plugging it to charge .so i checked that the laptop's fan was making noise and running in less speed .after sometime it gets less noisy and the speed was also decreased but when i started a fan dust removal all seemed good ,no noise or any speed decrease,but sometimes it did.and all the laptop's functions and performance it all seemed as it was before.when i plugged in my charger it was slowly charging but at 99% it's stuck.99% plugged in,charging.
my laptop- lenovo Z510
so is there any way to fix the fan noise and speed problem ?
i guess that the battery stuck in 99% might take time to fully charge.
and as always