Hello forum,

Newbie here. I've been struggling with this issue since Monday.

I've got a desktop running Windows 8.1 that has been refusing to boot. When I try to start it up, the computer goes to a blue screen and states:

Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC
Press Advanced Options to try other options to repair your PC or shut down to turn off your PC.

Logfile: I:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttrail.txt

I tried looking for this file on the Command Prompt but it couldn't find it on the drive, I kept getting a "path not found" message and doing a search via dir command on all the drive partitions didn't reveal this folder.

I did find a srttrail.txt file at f:\temp\srttrail.txt but the date on the file was 2012. There are files with more recent dates lying around elsewhere.

I created a USB recovery disc from my laptop that runs Windows 8.1 but that didn't help solve anything but did change the location of the srttrail.txt file from H: to I: drive.

Anyone have any advice how I can get round this? I spoke to Microsoft who said they could look at fixing this for a charge of 65. I don't know if they'll refund it if the issue isn't solved though.