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Computer display (monitor) doesn't show anything

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    Computer display (monitor) doesn't show anything

    I am typing this on my old computer. I wanted to put my new computer (which is a windows 8 hp desktop) into safe mode because i thought i had a virus and wanted to go into safe mode to see if i did. So i select the option to go into safe mode in the computer (i did the msconfig option being that i just didn't know another way to boot it into safe mode). The computer restarts and when it booted up again, my computer monitor is not showing anything at all. It is just a black screen. The light on the computer monitor is just flashing instead of staying solid like it usually does. I can't get out of safe mode because i just can't see anything at all. What do i do?

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    Reinstall your OS.
    Get a paid version of Macrium Reflect. {for the boot time recovery environment}
    Image your OS when things are running good.
    Sit back & relax since you can now reinstall your OS with very little effort & time.
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    Sounds more like a connection problem from monitor to PC, check somehow cable came loose or not secured, usually one reason why monitor light is flashing no signal to it. Can be Graphics card or it's driver software. This a slot card or integrated into the motherboard ?
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    See here: Can't login after trying to reboot in Safemode

    May at least get you out of Safe Mode.
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    The other would be if the monitor is a flat screen connected via HDMI. Need more info on what is being used for the monitor and if there is a add-in card used in place of onboard GPU.
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Computer display (monitor) doesn't show anything
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