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Automatically set text and scaling options when docked

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    Automatically set text and scaling options when docked

    I have recently purchased a Surface Pro 3. Absolutely loving it.

    I am just having an issue where I have the Microsoft docking station and I want to have 100% text and icon scaling when docked (for my big LCD screen) and then when I undock and take the tablet to a meeting it reverts to 150%, then goes back to 100% when I come back from a meeting and dock it again.

    It is currently something I am doing manually and having to logout and back in is a bit frustrating when I have a lot of open applications.

    If there is no way around this. If not I am hoping Windows 10 might provide an option?


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    I'm a happy Surface Pro 3 owner as well, but I don't believe there's any way around this, unfortunately. Hopefully, someone else will have an idea.
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Automatically set text and scaling options when docked
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