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Do not set program assocation when opening a file

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    Do not set program assocation when opening a file

    When I open a file with an unrecognized extension:

    - The first time it asks me to select a program, and also offers a checkbox to set the program association
    - If I uncheck the checkbox the first time, then the second time it asks me to select a program, but there is no checkbox to set the program association - it's automatically set for me

    So I have 2 questions

    1. Can this behavior be overridden so that I get the checkbox every time I open the file?
    2. How can I wipe/delete/clear out the unwanted association that Windows set for me the second time?

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    For question 1:

    Try this reg file I made you, I think I understood your question correctly. Download
    Modified = Install
    Original = Uninstall

    For question 2, there are a couple ways.

    Noob Way:
    Press WinKey + S
    Type "default programs"
    Use that gui to change things.

    Pro Way:
    Head into your registry under "HKCU" and/or "HKU\SID_Classes" and change things there.
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Do not set program assocation when opening a file
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