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A couple of questions about using OneDrive

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    Question about OneDrive settings

    Hi, all
    I have been on to One Drive online to delete all my device settings back ups. I also deleted my personal online sync settings information so that everything was clean. I followed the instructions on here on how to do this.
    I then turned on Syncing on this PC again in PC settings and turned on again the Back up your settings for this PC option. How long does it take for Device Backup settings to show up on OneDrive online as its showing no backups for this device at the moment?
    I don't have any other devices using windows 8.1, only this PC but it is good to be able to have all the settings and favourites, browsing history etc already done when you re-install the operating system.

    Thanks for your help
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A couple of questions about using OneDrive
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