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My gaming PC randomly freezes

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    Sure I sent you a PM.

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    Ok well for an update to anyone still following this, (hope you don't mind ashley..)

    he did an install of windows without formatting the drive.. so I dont think that is truly what could be causing the freeze but I think he is going to start there by reinstalling Windows the "clean" way with the format option this time..

    he's got super fast internet too! haha..

    I probably won't check this again till 16 hours or maybe less .. time for me to sleep! ha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hydranix View Post
    Oh cool you got it. One sec.



    Intel ME
    Intel info

    Optional Utilities
    Installed them all and a GEFORCE driver also is my PC good to go now or is there more drivers to be installed, thanks a lot all.

    EDIT: I have not installed/downloaded anything from the Utilities site from GIGABYTE is there anything there I should install?
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    UPDATE: I made a new account and still having the same problem.

    The sidebar charm works but soon as you click Search or anything else it freezes and it also freezes my Windows button bottom left hand corner. Task manager takes a while to pop-up.

    Basically it looks like my PC is loading up with 80% CPU which it shouldn't do. No were near that right?

    If this is happening on another Admin account I have could it be an intel driver problem?

    It really his doing my head in now haha.. I bet it's just a simple fix and I can't fix it!
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    here is some more things.. some are taken from other posts..

    right click the "command prompt" and "run as administrator" Start with running chkdsk to scan & repair the file system along with any potential damaged sectors. , Type: chkdsk /r > Press Y to run the scan on reboot.


    right click the "command prompt" and "run as administrator" then type.. each line you run and let finish individually..

    Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup

    sfc /scannow

    Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    sfc /scannow

    Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

    LASTLY you could try this..
    Reset Windows 8 - this will erase everything.. and then only install the geforce drivers and the first 4 drivers of that page.. .. don't install the "rapid storage technology"
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    Called overclockers were I bought my pre-built gaming PC from, they told me to go to Advanced new install and delete and re-install I did and it's working better now.. but I think I've done it wrong?

    My 1tb drive is missing?

    I did a reinstall and My SSD was there and my 1800GB drive was there also.
    I think when I deleted the install from my SSD I deleted the 1800GB drive also is there a way of getting it back?
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    You hard drives are always there no matter what.. unless they died or have a hardware issue..

    you can see this by way of going into the bios and seeing your hard drives listed.. if you connected them, they are there.. so if they aren't showing up it's a windows thing..

    check your bios again to see if you see 2 hard drives..

    and what do you mean "advanced" install .. what the heck is new install and delete and ???

    you can do the "reset" windows in the post just above i said to you.. ? but that is just another reinstall again..

    you can disable aero as well.. and try it..
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    advanced is a clean install which files don't carry over from the last install I had
    I did another install and my partition for my 1TB hard drive was there

    so yeah.. did another install and the 1TB is still not showing up in my "My PC"
    it's not displaying here -
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    good lord man.. haha what are you doing.. everything is going wrong with your system.. and for kicks and giggles you should post up that picture of the black possessed squares on your computer.. that was great..

    open up Disk managment... look there if you see multiple hard drives..

    do you know how to get into your bios? look there for your 2 hard drives.

    Click image for larger version
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My gaming PC randomly freezes
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