Hello Everyone,

I recently upgraded my laptop to the current RTM build version of the new Windows 10 Operating System (OS). However, upon the final reboot into the new version of Windows 10, I noticed much more fan noise than usual from my system. I was able to perform an in place upgrade, so I kept most all of my applications from my previous version of Windows, Windows 8.1.

The only thing I was informed of being unable to keep prior to upgrading was the Windows Media Center, which was uninstalled during the upgrade process. Now, when I try to enable the HP CoolSense system fan control app, I get the following error message.

I won't even bother trying to bother HP support with this as they didn't even want to support my model laptop beyond it's original OS installation of Windows 7, which I have successively migrated up from to both Windows 8 and 8.1 since 2012.

I have a 15.6 inch screen HP DV6t - 6100 Entertainment laptop w/ AMD/Intel switchable graphics. The HP CoolSense is pretty much a necessity for when maintaining and optimal operating temperature while using either the dedicated (AMD) or integrated (Intel) graphics. Otherwise, This upgrade was all for nothing. I cannot sit here listening to my laptop burn up just to run Windows 10, when everything worked fine under the other previous three Windows OS platforms.

Does anyone know of any compatible system fan software that might work to replace the HP Cool Sense Software which Windows 10 has blocked from running for some reason?