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It may be time for some to end reign of Windows 7...

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    It may be time for some to end reign of Windows 7...

    For those who feel like Windows 8 Release Preview is stable enough, are you considering pulling the kill switch on 7 and shifting everything to 8?

    I'm considering that. Everything I needed from 7 works in 8, and I would gain a good chunk of space back from 7.

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    I must say that at first I didnt care for win8. Everyone was saying how bad it was, and that turned me away from trying it. Well today I downloaded the release preview just to see if it would be good for the games I play, and right away I was impressed. They gave me better graphics driver and took care of all my other drivers too. On win7 my laptop didnt run games too well which forced me back to winXP. Now I'm having fun, I like some of the metro apps they have like weather and cookbook which is very useful and I can check things at a glance on the metro start. Of course most of my time is spent using the desktop which is very nice and looks great. I see no reason to put this version of win8 down. There are some bugs but none that render the os unusable. I feel like I finally found a good system that can give me the performance I need. My thinkpad r61 core 2 duo, 3gb ram, x3100 gpu is running great on win8 now. I'm happy microsoft actually is trying to please everyone and not just throw crap out there and say oh well (like winME and Vista) They are trying to make one OS that can serve as fun and be creative while still offering classic features.

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    Not me. Its too early to make that decision. I will wait for the final release and then continue to dual boot with Win 7 until I see that all my drivers and software work with Windows 8. A lot of vendors will be updating their drivers and software as we get closer to release. I don't want to run Windows 7 drivers but I want Windows 8 tested drivers and software.

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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Well, both my CPs are upgrades over Win 7 setups, running as stand-alones. The 32-bit is on the AS5735 and
    the 64-bit on this machine. But both have their Win 7 setups (32-bit Ultimate and 64-bit Home Premium)
    backed up as system images, so I'm covered if things go pear-shaped.

    I'll leave 8 on at this stage, and see how it goes......both systems seem stable, and, apart
    from a few niggles, are running well.

    Haven't had any probs with drivers, or hardware issues.
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    I like it and I would want to switch but I do not want to use the metro side unless on a touch screen monitor with much better apps or on a tablet neither of which I can afford at the moment or would use long term. The performance at least on the computer I have which may or may not be the case for others makes me want to switch. I would definitely buy a computer that already has it installed but I would not buy my own copy just to install. Unless they reveal something for the desktop that allows similarity to the start button or to navigate the desktop without going into metro then I will not be switching over. The only benefit for me at least has been the performance. The apps are still buggy and incomplete to consider. Plus I rather check my stuff like mail the old fashion way. The mail app has been an inconvenience for me. The other apps still look ugly. If they can make metro a little more alive that would be nice. Also work on the landscape mode a bit more.

    Overall I would not switch over until they start improving more things on the desktop end. There are so many things I would want them to improve. Until then I will probably be using windows 7 unless I have a really bad old computer. I would probably wait for 9 or just get a computer that already has it installed with a cd to go back to 7 incase I don't like the final version.
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    Not in this lifetime.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Startup/shutdown speed is the first advantage 8 has over 7.

    The speed of some file operations, combined with a more rigid UAC, seem to be slower on 8 than 7, but that is probably subjective.

    Networking is a dream compared to 7, where I was always returning to the network and sharing center - In Windows 8, I don't even know what it looks like. The network is there, without waiting, not dropping connections or slowing down - it just works.

    Firewall, Defender, are transparent, and they tell me they are working - but I have had machines without firewall or antimalware running in XP and 7 that never have problems.

    Windows Update has not been sorted out yet - and is not working properly.

    The svchost CPU hogging bug has been fixed at last - which is not bad going for the Windows bugfixing team, since it surfaced in XP.

    Start screen does not appeal to me. I ignore apps and unpin them - it would be different if it wasn't dependent on my live ID and size of display.

    With some brilliant command-line programs, Windows is becoming more like Linux - to get stuff done, you sometimes need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

    It's like ordering a three-course meal, enjoying the starter, and the main course, but finding that the pudding is uneatable because it's too sweet and makes my teeth hurt.

    So I'm not ready yet to go over - 7 and XP will remain on my systems for some time yet.
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    As soon as explicit Win 8 drivers become readily available then I'll switch to Win 8 permanently.
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    Windows 8

    I made the Plunge...... I VERY VERY VERY AM Happy.

    To be Honest as an NetAdmin, I was nervous on how Windows 8 was truly going to work for me. Using dual and 3 screen setups, metro did not make sense. I had broke my foot in a Motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and been bored out of my mind. So I said what the heck.

    To Date this is what I have.

    Dell 9000 XPS - Upgraded Win7 to Win 8 64 Bit - SWTOR - runs so much faster now.
    Dell Inspiron 6000 - Upgraded Win7 to Win 8 32 Bit
    Dell Latitude 5200 - Fresh Windows 8 64 bit
    Gateway M475 - Fresh Windows 8 64 bit
    HP Pavilon Laptop - UPGRADE VISTA to Windows 8 32 bit.

    Everyone one of these systems are run Awesome. I have decided to make it my primary OS at Home.

    The HP Upgrade was for a Florida Teacher Friend of mine. She does not have a lot of Cash and never could afford to upgrade to Windows 7. She brought it to me Tuesday saying it keep crashing. Mind you this is an original Vista Installation. I Upgraded her to Windows 8 because she need to save all her stuff. She called my later that night saying the s the greatest thing ever. Even her APPLE using husband was impressed.

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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    Been using 8(x64) since rp came out(dualboot). I'm totally in a desktop environment, I've redone the taskbar so that it appears & functiones like the taskbar in xp, I've deleted every metro app, although the 'store' app won't uninstall and so far, it is quite stable. However, I'm not yet ready to delete 7, as there are still a few 8 annoyances...for example, the stupid 'charms bar'. yuck...
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It may be time for some to end reign of Windows 7...
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