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Laptop stopped showing jpg's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydranix View Post
    If you're comfortable with it, you can send me the files and I can tell you if they're corrupt.
    Excellent point. You could try posting one in this thread, and we'll all see if it's valid or corrupt.

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    Everyone is soooo helpful here. Not to long ago I knew all this like the back of my hand! Taking classes for Linux (anyone else ripped off by Linuxgruven?> I was even doing my A+, Net+ back in 2002. This Windows 8.1 is like a whole new beast to me. I'm going to try to insert a photo here off my hd. Not sure what I'll be sending as everything looks date stamped. FYI, never like Kies working with my Windows computer and the Galaxy S3's my wife and I had. Have so many different format memory cards, I picked up a 10-1 usb adapter from MicroCenter. Comes in handy, because it even has a slot to read old laptop ide drives! So here goes nothing!

    Crap! won't even let me do that here! Say's it's an invalid image type! I was just thinking. A friend of mine gifted me a Roku 3 back in February. I just started attempting to set up my laptop as a media server for photos, mp3's, and video. First I was using Umby Windows server, but other's on several Facebook pages have recommended Plex instead. Could this be one of the culprits? This is soooo confusing. ".jpg" and ."jpeg" are supposedly the same file type.

    May seem like I'm grasping at straws here. About the only other major modifications I've done with my laptop is installed Wordpress server on the laptop (just temporarily until I completed some courses over at W3schools.) Just seems so odd that only one type of file could be corrupted and not whole sections or such? Tiff, Gif, img, and all those files work just fine! Ugh! this is so frustrating! Have half dozen items to go up on Craigslist/Ebay, and no way to open pics! (And I REALLY NEED THE $$$$)
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    Follow the direction I posted to do a Clean Boot, see if you can work with pictures then. If yes then something you have installed is causing the problem, you just need to determine which one.
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Laptop stopped showing jpg's.
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