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PC needs to be repaired. Error: 0xc0000185

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    PC needs to be repaired. Error: 0xc0000185

    So i went away for a couple of days without my pc and i come back and i go to turn on the laptop. The start up shows Toshiba leading ovation, then at the bottom, preparing automatic repair. Then it goes to a blue screen that says:

    Your pc needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or cant be accessed. You'll need to use recovery tools on your installation media. If you dont have installation media ( like a disc or a usb device) contact your system administrator or pc manufacturer.

    But at the bottom it says: press Enter to try again
    : press f8 for start up settings
    : press esc for UEFI Firmware settings
    So i press enter, that did not work. Then i pressed f8 that didnt even show the start up settings at all and i pressed esc and all that comes up is pretty much toshiba info.

    Now is there any easy way to fix it without costing money because i dont have much. If there is please explain it to me.

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    Before we can determine how easy thus may be to fix, first we must find out exactly what is going wrong.

    That error code 0x185 usually has a file listed with it. If it did, can you provide the full path of that file?

    It'll look something like:

    File: \Windows\System32\Drivers\acpi.sys

    Also provide this information:

    Windows version: (8, 8.1 Pro, etc)
    Laptop model number. (usually found in the bottle stickers near barcodes)

    Also, how technically skilled are you?
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    Ok ill see
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    I will try to give you as much info as i can. Satellite:C55-B5299 Part NO.:PSCMLU-02801M Serial NO.:5E125529P and i believe its windows 8. And the file is:\WINDOWS\system32\config\system and i dont think im that skilled at technology i might surprise myself.
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    Thanks for the information.

    Uh oh. That file "\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM" is your operating system's main registry hive.
    The system registry hive is vital for Windows and can be very specific to each computer.

    Don't worry though, this is something that can be fixed. How easy it is to fix is something we'll find out next.

    You're going to need a Windows 8 or 8.1 installation DVD or USB Flash Drive.
    (If you have neither, and have access to another computer with internet, i'll help you get one.)

    You will then need to boot the DVD or USB. If it doesn't automatically boot to it, go into the BIOS, and tell it to boot to the CD or USB before it tries the hard disk.

    Once you've booted the install media, click on the links for repair.

    This should fix the problem. If not, let me know, and I'll advise what to do next.
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PC needs to be repaired. Error: 0xc0000185
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