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Win 8 suddenly became Vista

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    Win 8 suddenly became Vista

    I have an ASUS desktop with reinstalled Win8. This morning it began acting funny, freezing up and such. I did a restart and it hung on a blue screen until I finally held the off button to shut it down. When it restarted the resolution had changed, my keyboard would not work. Mouse either. I shut it down and checked that everything was connected. On start up, I was running Vista.

    I never had Vista on the thing, it came with 8. Now most things will not work as it is trying to find drivers and can't. I called Microsoft but since it was an ASUS install they sent me there. ASUS suggested a backup then a full recovery. I tried to attach my external drive but it can't see it. I tried to copy my photos to a disk but it won't read the disks either.

    When end I go to the recovery the only option I find is Vista. Win8 is not there. The only thing I can think of is I migrated things from a Vista machine when I got the ASUS a few years ago.

    What at can I do to recover from this?

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    Here's what I would do.

    1. Boot to a usb thumb drive and copy your "DATA" to a safe place.
    2. If you have Windows 8 media, I would then boot to that media and reinstall a NEW windows 8. By new I would delete the partitions and let the install media create new ones.
    3. If you don't have windows 8 media, then use another machine to download the media. I believe there is a tutorial on this site that will provide instructions on how to download the latest media.

    You could spend hours/days/months trying to figure out how this happened or you could spend a day to reinstall. Anyway, this what I would do...hope this helps.
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    I keep some Linux LiveDVDs on hand for just such 'emergencies' and copy data to external drives of sufficient capacity. A USB drive has to be set up to be bootable, have an Operating System installed on it. The only downside to a LiveDVD is it is a bit slower processing than the installed version of Linux, not a problem of the OS but of the DVD drive.

    If Vista otherwise works one could connect a USB drive and copy the data, Vista and later don't have much problem with recognizing the USB drives if the ports work but may need drivers from the computer or motherboard maker.
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    Windows 8

    Always proof read! It should say pre-installed not reinstalled. Anyway, thank you for the suggestions. I will see if the system will recognize a thumb drive. I do not have the disks to reinstall but ASUS should be able to give me the product key. I will give it a try. I am not wasting time trying to figure out how and why, that is a lost cause. Time to fix it and move on.
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    You can get Windows 8.1 install media here, Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help that will install and activate with Windows 8.0 and 8.1 product codes. You have to download the correct version, matching what was installed originally, or your key will not work. Showkey will show you your key, Showkey - Windows 10 Forums, if its an OEM embedded key. Now that you've restored back to Vista, showkey may not be able to find your windows 8 key.
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    All of your symptoms can easily be the result of a corrupted filesystem -- which often happens with a failing hard drive.

    If the PC really is running Vista and is working well enough to install apps, then you should find out the manufacturer of the hard drive, go to their website and download and run any drive health utility they have. That will tell you the condition of the drive.

    With Win8, PC manufacturers stopped putting product keys on stickers and embedded them in the BIOS, so a reinstall of the SAME Win8 version as you currently have should see the product key and activate automatically.
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    There is no way Windows 8 is going to turn into Vista.

    Right click on Computer and select Properties. What does it say?

    Run systeminfo from a Command Prompt, what does it say?

    If you mean it looks like Vista, that's possible if it's running crippled due to problems.
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Win 8 suddenly became Vista
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