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automatic open web Browser! how to disable?

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    automatic open web Browser! how to disable?

    Hey Guys,

    So I never really thought about this but I was uninstalling programs from add/remove programs and I noticed that after I uninstall a program it completely violates my computer and authority by Automatically opening up my firefox browser and going to some page of whatever the software I was uninstalling..

    Isn't that a complete and utter disgusting move to open "my" web browser and divert it to some webpage??

    How can they do this? (many programs do this when you uninstall them..)

    I want My browser only to open when I want it to open.. not when some company thinks I should be directed to a page they decided.. unreal.

    How can you disable automatic opening of my web browser from anything but when I click the browser button to launch it??

    If by simply uninstalling a program can totally open my browser and go to a predetermined page, what the heck else can they open without me clicking to open anything??

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    I think the only way you could do it is to use an install monitor that records registry and file changes. Then when you remove the software you use the monitor instead of the product's uninstaller. The trouble with these utilities is if several programs were installed in the meantime, their settings, such as file associations, may be messed up by the monitor putting the registry back to its previous state during removal.

    The alternative; before running the uninstaller, disconnect from the net.

    Edit: see the bottom of this page for a prevention method:
    windows 7 - Can I prevent a program from opening my browser and sending me to a web page when I uninstall it? - Super User

    Edit2: I am not a big fan of AV firewalls and other blockers as they tend to interfere with the operation of the machine and cause their own sets of problems. I found the link above where one happy camper seemed to solve the problem you have with one. It is not a recommendation since every time I try any of those types of blockers I run into problems and end up removing them. Your mileage may vary as they say.
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    well thanks Miles.. atleast its something to start..

    but that is insane that just by uninstalling a program your web browser can be started and directed to go to whatever website..

    good for all the malware and crap out there.. just wonderful..

    I guess I should write to Firefox and ask them to put an option to only open when I click the firefox logo or a thing to prompt only to open..

    **edit - Ah yes, great.. comodo.. I had been just trying that and uninstalled that cause it was so ridiculous.. the thing was it was definitely an unreal amount of protection.. but the way they decided to word the way you have to setup everything just ruined it.. it was so difficult even to just setup Comodo to ask me everytime anything wanted to do anything.. I wanted it to pop up and block everything and ask me whatever wants to connect.. but all I ended up doing is stopping my whole computer from doing anything and then there were so many horrible ways they "worded" the options to setup things..

    anyway, the point is, Comodo was amazing at security but just nobody will every get it just right because of the way they worded how to setup everything.. the rule sets and the way they worded it..

    all they had to do was put things like "prompt\ask or ,yes,no"
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    It is tough to stop installers/uninstaller from launching browsers since they run as System. I had a Policy set to stop IE from being run at all. Seemed to work fine for weeks. Then an installer calls IE directly instead of using the default browser. Installer outranks local policy. So IE ran. I had to uninstall it to make sure it didn't happen again.

    You could set up an autokill to kill all browsers and launch it just before installing or uninstalling stuff. Then close it when done. There are plenty of free autokillers around for download.
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    You could always check what the parent process that would be calling Firefox is. If it's explorer.exe then it means Firefox was likely started by clicking the shortcut.

    If it isn't explorer.exe you could just ignore the request and not start Firefox. Or prompt.

    would be an easy script to write. I've used a very similar method with Chromium when I wrote an auto updater.

    If you like I could cook up a script that will do this for you, but the prompt could possibly get annoying after awhile.
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    autokill sounds like a good idea.. and just turn it off when I know i'm using the internet by MY own authority! ha..

    that script also sounds like it would do the job, I would be curious to check it out.. if it's not too much trouble.. why not. I'll try it..

    it would just be a prompt asking me everytime I click to open firefox?
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    Ok i'll work on it when I get home tonight.

    The script ideally would do the following:

    Check who is running Firefox when Firefox is requested to open.
    if it determines that it is not the user clicking the shortcut, or clicking a link then it will prompt the user with a Yes or No, while also displaying what website is trying to be opened and/or what commands Firefox is being asked to execute.
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    Hydranix, that is hilarious..

    but seriously if you want why not just make it easy and have my computer "prompt" me anytime Firefox wants to open period..

    Even if I click it, i don't mind a prompt asking me if I really want firefox to open..
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    The whole reason of opening the web browser, is to collect metrics to find out why people are no longer decide to use the software, by uninstalling it. The minute my browser opens, I just click to close. Nothing lost out of my life. The uninstaller is hard coded to make a background request to open the web browser.

    People have been trying for years to figure out a work around on the Metrics collection behavior.
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    A simple HIPS would do, just set a permission to open browser from explorer only.
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automatic open web Browser! how to disable?
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