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Mouse cursor gone when restarting

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    Mouse cursor gone when restarting

    When i restart my PC i type my password in and everything loads fine except there is no mouse cursor at all, i tested holding mouse down and doing drag boxes and nothing happens. I have to unplug and replugin the mouse to get it to appear and work. I tried a registry tweak to disable CursorSupression and all that did was place a cursor in the middle of my screen that is still completely unresponsive. I tried multiple mouses and nothing worked. The only recent change i did to this computer was upgrading the main display to a 4k panel. I also noticed after replugging the mouse and getting it to work again that it acts funny when im playing GTA5. Normally in borderless windowed mode the mouse is locked to the game. Since this problem started happening the mouse will just freely go over to a different monitor if i aim in the same direction too far.

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    The clue for me is your use of the word "restart". Try disabling fast boot so that it slows boot down enough to stop it missing out your mouse during the boot sequence. My wife's keyboard kept getting "lost" during boot until we disabled fast boot.
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    I tried turning it off it didn't work.
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    Did you try another mouse to see if same happens ? Mouse come with system ? If not try update the drivers for it.
    Try some of these methods one will determine if some other startup or software and or driver is causing a conflict.
    Mouse Pointer Disappears in Windows 8, 8.1 [Fix]
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Mouse cursor gone when restarting
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