System specs

(TL;DR Below)
Hi, first post here,

1 week ago my laptop started to freeze on some games (osu! and Hearthstone). I can barely play 10-60 minutes before my screen freezes while having a buzzing Sound-loop (I have to force restart to make my laptop work again). (This always scares me to death when it happens randomly). Meanwhile I can play games like League of Legends for hours without any problems. Since I stopped playing Hearthstone I'm just playing osu!. (This is a game where you have to click circles while music runs in the background - yes, you heard it right. Nothing more. Not even complex graphics. FPS is also over 350.) The only thing I can do is to press the power button.

I did everything I could do, but my problem seems so unique...
I tried to play the game in all resolutions. Played it in Windowed/Renderless/Fullscreen mode. I also tried all FPS caps from 60 to unlimited. I also cleaned all the dust in my laptop (no change). So I tried something new...

I wiped my laptop (it was like the first day I bought) and the first thing I did is installing the game (osu!). I didn't install any AntiVirus, browser or anything else. No luck. Same thing. My laptop runs without any background programs on 40C - 45C.
(About 104F - 113F) and while playing I have 55C - 62C (About 131 F - 143.6 F). I guess that's really normal (maybe even lower than average laptops). I also uninstalled/installed older grapic drivers.

I hope that's enough information. Since this laptop is 8 months old, it would be really sad to buy a new one. I hope anyone can help me. Ask me if you need further informations!

TL;DR: System specs ; Sound-loop and screen freeze every 10-60min on games like osu! and Hearthstone (League of Legends and Terraria are working perfect without any problems); can't do anything except pressing the power button ; temperature is normal actually (45C without any programs ; 62C while playing games) ; tried all solutions on google ; wiped laptop - same problem ; FPS is normal ; Never had any problems before ; I didn't install anything when this happened ; installed/uninstalled older graphic drivers ; Ask for informations if you need ; I need your help.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong section >.>
And sorry if I have any grammar mistakes.