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Strange effect from copy folders/files to microSD in Win8

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    For your comprehension: his company makes the plug-n-play mp3 player. The company is now pushing the latest model. However, there is a problem: not with the player and not with the SD card. As long as the SD card is prepped by Windows 7 or XP, the player immediately plays what's put in the SD card when inserted. When the SD card is prepped by Windows 8, presumably using the same process, the player acts as if the SD card doesn't have anything worth playing and defaults to what's preloaded in memory.

    Since Windows 8, and its replacement Windows 10, will increase its market share, this problem needs to be troubleshooted and resolved, or the Windows 8 customers will return the falsely-advertised mp3 player.

    Or the company can lose some money and wait for Windows 10 to become official and see if it also has a problem prepping the SD card for the mp3 player.

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    Try this to find out if there is really a difference or not.

    Write all zeros to the sdcard to completely erase the card.

    You can do this with Windows diskpart.exe program by using the command "clean all" after selecting the card with it.
    For more info, google how to use diskpart.

    After that, format the card on a machine that has worked in the past (windows 7) add an MP3 file and confirm it works in your player.

    Now remove the sdcard from the player and make a perfect byte-for-byte image of the sdcard with whatever software suits you.

    Write zeros again to the card, and format it and set it up exactly the same way with the same MP3 file using the windows 8.
    (you must do it exactly the same way)

    Confirm that the sdcard does not work in the player.

    Remove and image the sdcard the same way.

    With a hex editor, check for difference in the sdcard.

    If you would like, you can compress and email me the images, and I can take a look at them.

    my email is
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Strange effect from copy folders/files to microSD in Win8
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