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Alt+shift does'nt work

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    Alt+shift does'nt work

    I do remember the problem of course, but I'm not sure that I remember what was exactly the situation when it happend but I think that was it (it didn't occured so long ago so the problem is not outdated):

    I was playing Dota 2 one day when suddenly when I typed the keyboard changed the language by itself. It was set to English and suddenly when I typed it was in Hebrew.
    I think I restarted the computer after a few times this happend to me or I just turned it off and later back on and when I got into the lock screen of windows 8 and I used the shift+alt keys (that was the default. I *always* used those keys to toggle the language) it didn't work. I switched it with the mouse and got in but even after I entered to the computer those keys didn't switch the language (those keys work for other actions I checked). I went to the settings and set the language switch howkeys to ctrl+shift and it works pretty okay (there's a small problem with that. I'll ask about it in another thread) but if I set shift+alt it still won't work.

    *(long story short if you don't read the whole paragraph) Why isn't the shift+alt switch language although they work seperatly, they are set as the language change hotkeys and other language changing hotkeys are working when they set?*

    Thanks for whoever can solve it!

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    Most likely from using that sequence, you caused Accessibility settings to change.
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    What do you mean? Can the language toggle hotkey/s be changed by pressing an other hotkey/s? It doesn't make any sense. Why didn't it change back then when I pressed alt+shift again?
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Alt+shift does'nt work
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