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It says "Scan for non-deleted files", not deleted files. I think that means (as shown) files that were not specifically deleted but the partition/drive was formatted. Perhaps different to locate than deleted files????

(I'm obviously very emotional about recovery programs.. I guess because I have been trying to recover 4 terabytes of data and it's taking months.. I have some good stories about how 50% into the 1 week long recovery the power went out.. and I had to start over.. I have more stories.. but anyway now you know my backstory on why i am pissed about recuva.. It takes me 5-7 days sometimes to search and try to recover files on a 4 terabyte drive.. I have to do tests like 1 search with that clikced on, and 1 search with that clicked off to see if I get everything to recover.. it takes 1 week per search.. now you see where I"m coming from with a little option like that..)

Ztrucker, all the files have been deleted!! thats what happens whether you format or not?! they've just been deleted if you format or the disk is damaged!!?? I'm not mad just irritated at the settings that Recuva decided to put in for you to turn off or not.. when it should get all files no matter what it can find..

If your disk is "damaged" then it needs to recover files whether they are "deleted" or not!! WTF? It needs to show all files as now your disk is damaged!! Am I crazy?

if you screwed up anything, it has to be recovered no matter what.. so why is that setting there? I guess it should always be clicked on I guess!? see what i mean...