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different between refresh and restore

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    different between refresh and restore

    hello what are teh differntes between refresh and restore option in win 8.1?with refresh can i fix system errors and corrupted system files?refersh deletd all third party programs?

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    According to this tutorial, refresh deletes all 3rd party Desktop Programs:

    Refresh Windows 8
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    Be careful with the Refresh Feature, read up on it and understand exactly what it will do. If your system started with W-8 and you upgraded to 8.1 via Windows Store a Refresh could try to take you back to W-8 if it works at all.

    Restore is a rather harmless/benign Recovery Tool but if any problem existed at the time the Recovery Point was made it will exist upon Restore and a Restore will not necessarily remedy all situations.
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    Refreshing reinstall Windows and keeps your personal files and settings. It also keeps your apps .
    Restoring is a way to undo recent system changes you’ve made.
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    I also am in the same situation!! I have struggled and struggled with windows update errors and I am now blasted with pop-up adds and web browser going Bonkers! I just downloaded my copy of 8.1 to a thumb drive and am fixing to do a restore... Will this reset what ever is causing windows update errors??

    ... Please say yes Please say yes Please say yes!! Lol
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    some people tell restore and others teh s ame?in win 8.1 i have two options refresh and restore
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    restore and reset is the same?

    hello i win 8.1 i have two options when cliking in charm bar or booting from a recovery usb.refresh and restore(or reset)?the translation from greek is restore but some people use the word the same?in win 8.1 in any case appears two options
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    No they are not the same. The terms do get used incorrectly at times.

    System restore will return your system to an earlier point without effecting personal files.

    System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

    Reset is like starting fresh, everything is set to defaults and all programs and files will need to be reinstalled.

    Reset Windows 8

    Refresh is similar to system restore but a bit more destructive,

    Refresh Windows 8

    Don't start any more threads for the same subject, I already merged two of your other ones.
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    My way---

    1---If my computer gets REALLY messed up I get out my set of factory recovery DVDs & restore it to factory specs.

    2--- Having done that, I reinstall Macrium Reflect Standard version {V5} & create a boot time recovery environment & use my GOOD image of my system with 8.1 Pro on it to reinstall with.
    Usually the Reflect image is good enough.
    No need to use the factory disks.

    Note that in #1 I said REALLY...

    Back up things when things are working good.
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    reset is the second option when clik charm bar-pc settings-recovery settings derekimo?also with reset all third party installed programs and my doc-images will be removed?
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different between refresh and restore
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