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No cross in top right corner of apps

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    No cross in top right corner of apps


    I have recently started using windows 8.1 at work.

    On my personal laptop, also 8.1, the apps all have crosses in the top right corner, which appear if I hover the mouse in that area.

    However, they are not present on my work desktop computer. The only way I can find to close them is by using alt-F4, which is OK, but not what I want to use.

    I realise this is a pretty trivial issue, but does anyone have any suggestions?


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    If you open up a command prompt (right click the Windows Start button and select Command Prompt).
    You will see the version number on the first line of information, is the version number higher on your personal laptop?
    If so, try updating your Windows 8.1 at work as it may not have the feature installed.
    Not sure if that feature came after in an optional update to 8.1.
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    If the work computer is on a domain. It may be locked down to allow very few changes.
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    The easiest way to close open Apps on the Start Screen, is to just press Alt + F4. if you have greater dexterity using the mouse, you’ll have to move the mouse to the top center of the screen until the cursor becomes a little hand,click and drag the window to the bottom of the screen,hold it there for 2 seconds,the App is closed when it does a little flip and slides out of view.
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    Thanks for the comments!

    Version 6.3.9600 on laptop - I'll compare this to the desktop at work tomorrow.

    I didn't realise you could drag the window to the bottom like that. I know it isn't difficult to use alt-f4, but just would be nice to cross out of the boxes like I can on the laptop I am posting this from now.

    The company I work for is small and there is reasonable freedom to customize our computer set up, so I don't think this is something that would be disabled.
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    Are you sure the Desktop at work is at 8.1 and not 8.0? The close (cross/X) at top right of apps was introduced in 8.1 (or 8.1.1) but 8.0 didn't have that if I remember correctly.
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No cross in top right corner of apps
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