I have a HTPC built on windows 8.1.
I use a wireless keyboard and a remote to control the pc.
If I place the PC into stand by putting it into sleep I can wake it within a few minutes or up to an hour or so.

However, if I leave the pc in this state overnight and I try to wake it with the remote in the morning it only partially succeeds.
The power light comes on. The HD light does not nor does a signal go through the hdmi cable to my tv.
it appears that neither the remote, wifi keyboard, usb keyboard or usb mouse can bring it completely to a waking state.

My only solution is to do a hard restart, which is corrupting my media files.

I'm told there are some issues with intel chips regarding sleep. I am running a 4130T intel I3 cpu on a gigabyte motherboard.

Is there a fix for this?