My wife's computer is just a few days old. It's a home built machine on an Asus P8H61 mb, with intel i3-2100, 4MB of Corsair ram, and a new 120GB SSD. I have Win 8.1 x64, Office 2013, and Malwarebytes installed (and a few other apple phone support products) - that's about it.

It ran fine all weekend, this morning it was "frozen". None of the apps would open. I could cntrl+Alt+del and get to Task Manger but it would not open.

Oddly, I could switch Users to my account (admin) and access all of the apps, everything worked, resource manger, event viewer, etc. Under Admin account CPU, Memory, Disk activity were normal (0 - 4%).

So it was just wife's account (standard user) that was frozen. I rebooted, ran DISM and SFC and nothing wrong was reported.

How can I determine why it froze? If it happens again, what do I look for?