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Make a Complete System Partition Backup on 8.1

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    Make a Complete System Partition Backup on 8.1

    Like the title of this thread, I want to ask on how to do a complete system partition backup on Windows 8.1.

    With Windows 10 coming in July, I want to make a copy of my system partition now in case Windows 10 is below my expectations, so in case I want to go back to 8.1, I don't have to start personalize my PC all over again.

    I have read there's a few ways to accomplish this, with Windows' System Image Backup or with 3rd party software. If I may know, what's the easiest way to backup my system partition?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad English

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    Quote Originally Posted by cliffflip View Post
    If I may know, what's the easiest way to backup my system partition?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad English
    If you want an easy way, don't even try to use the built-in Windows System Image Backup Tool because it isn't really that functional. There are several very good Free tools but right now I would recommend you download/install the Free version of Macrium Reflect. They have just released their latest version V6 which should even be compatible with Windows 10 when released. There is a paid version as well that has additional features but the Free version will do everything most users need. Macrium Reflect has many users and has excellent reviews. I have both the paid version as well as the Free version of V5 on multiple machines. Where are you going to store the backup image?

    Macrium Reflect Free
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    I just use Clonezilla and back the drive image up on my NAS.
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Make a Complete System Partition Backup on 8.1
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