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AIO were really being pushed by OEMs hard as far back as 6 years ago, but the reason they don't sell is because they are a bad value, and again with the AIO touch screens, except for the novelty factor nobody is interested they don't sell to the consumers, while the tower still sells reasonably well.
And today, the common form factor that is being pushed is the laptop model. Sure, somethings are better with a desktop, but the laptop is what's being sold A LOT more than a tower.
And how many laptops have touch? Virtually none. If you have a KB touch pad, no one wants to touch their screen, it's filthy and terrible to look at. People are buying docking stations for their tablets and laptop conversion kits for tablets so they don;t HAVE to touch them.

Touch is a /last resort/ interface for when KB/Mouse is just absolutely impractical. It is not a "future" interface at all. It is not going to be mainstream on any computer that's actually used to so anything other than tweet, play sudoku or post instagram shots.