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A quick Windows 8 Desktop discussion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Touch screens aren't fragile.
    No, but they do have that glossy finish to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbtech View Post
    but they do have that glossy finish to them.
    Not all touch screens have a glossy finish - the tablet "Fujitsu Stylistic Q550" has a matte surface; and I like that.
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    Glossy or matt, all touchscreens become completely greased over with use. I hate that SO MUCH that I use a stylus on my tablet. There is NO WAY I'll ever be touching my monitor, and on a desktop, reaching up to interact with it is really just silly, cumbersome, tiring and annoyingly dirty. (Unless it's an AIO hanging on the wall with no other form of input that you clean daily). I have 18 years of professional touch screen experience and it's just... no on the desktop if you do anything but treat your desktop as a stationary tablet that you use for only a few minutes a day.
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    I suspect that that was part of the reason windows 8 has the mobile side. Especially since all the touch screen all in ones had EXTRA programs on top of windows 7 that made the computer slow and cumbersome. It also seemed to vary since it depended on who made the computer so that was annoying. But if they really want to use that for the touch screen all in ones they should make metro a bit more alive and exciting. The typography more legible and the icons or as they call it tiles should stand out against the background. One good thing is that since the mobile is now combined with the computers at least they will be the same across all systems.
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A quick Windows 8 Desktop discussion...
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