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All LibreOffice documents became unopenable ODT.CDYUUQG

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    All LibreOffice documents became unopenable ODT.CDYUUQG

    Windows Defender found something bad on my pc and got rid of it.

    After restarting my pc, all of my libreoffice documents had mysteriously changed to "ODT.CDYUUQG" files, and are now either unopenable, or, when opened, contain only a line or two of gibberish, like: "*ү�i[-�mD ޼]". I mean, that's now the whole of the document!

    What on earth happened and how can I [easily!] fix it / restore my documents to their 'normal state' ? (Please explain step by step like you're talking to a four year old, without jargon or acronyms--thank you.)

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    The document's are still there right?

    Go to Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Programs and Features

    Right click LibreOffice

    Choose "Repair" and see if it reinstalls and repairs it.
    Click image for larger version

    If this doesn't fix it, uninstall and re-download.
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    Sounds more like you may have been hit with a virus.
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    Sounds like you have been infected with ransomware and WD "helped" to get rid of it.
    Check WD logs, what was the infection called, also if it quarantined those files or removed.
    If they have been deleted, you need to try to recover them ASAP. Try: Wise Data Recovery
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    Maybe: rename the file nnnnnn.odt.cdyuuqg to nnnnnn.odt. Get rid of the attached extension.
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    Sounds like a version of CryptoWall virus to me. If so there should be some files left that explain that your documents have been encrypted and you need to pay money to have it fixed.

    There is no known fix other than to pay the ransom. I hope thy find these scumbags and hang them by their fingers over an open fire.

    This is one reason it is so important to have good, reliable, tested backups of your data.
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All LibreOffice documents became unopenable ODT.CDYUUQG
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