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Win8 update & user login restructured..

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    Win8 update & user login restructured..


    this shit microsoft system is forcing me to use an email to modify my computer/user name..
    since i updated win8. i just entered a stupid email, but even better, microsoft morons
    engaged a verification of that email so i can't even add any email..

    & the thing is, i dont want to add any email..

    i want to add any string for the user.. when i wanna reset it..

    if i reset it manually under windows & restart, it still forces me to use an email & crash & wont let me log into windows
    either, i had to do a backup using a virtual mini xp environment in the ram at the startup.

    what id like is to revert that update, make the computer user system like the old one,
    without forcing ppl to use emails or have them validated by microsoft or not.

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    Ranting doesn't usually get you much help here. If you have a problem, ask a question and you'll get the help you need.

    You do not have to use a MS E-mail account, you can create a local account. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are the same.

    Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

    You can also setup a local account during install:

    Clean Install - Windows 8

    See 18. If you want to Sign in to Windows 8 or 8.1 with a Local Account

    Agree it should be a lot more evident how to do this during install rather than be hidden but at least it can be done.
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    Hi ztrucker,

    i started to read "Here's How"

    But, i do not have or ever used a microsoft account..

    I used an app to change my computer name & i suspect that app to change my actual local account to a microsoft account
    afterall.. by deduction.

    ComputerNameChange Download - Softpedia
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    Maybe i should use this:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts\Change Your Name
    instead of using an app.

    i should create a link, do you know a normal link that opens control panel based on c:\ ?
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    You said in your first post you were "forced" to use an E-mail account. That is the account in the Here's How wants you sign in as. Just follow the directions.
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    yes i'm forced, once i applied the change of name using the listed app & restarted.
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Win8 update & user login restructured..
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