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transfer a large amount of data

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    transfer a large amount of data

    hello ia have two external hard disks.i w ant to transfer a large amount of data(are many blueray movies,images,documents.are about 300 GB) to another external hdd with higher capacity.i tried with cut or copy paste with windows but my laptop suffers and some times i want some help and some informations about that:
    1) you can suggest me some programs (not a freeware) wich transfer a very very large amount of data?.i can buy and i want the best software for this job

    2)can i transfer data using cloning software?(but not cloning entire external hdd. only to transfer more files to anotehr hdd)
    3) also i want a good shareware for wipe -formatting(i don΄τ know if i s ay right) parts of external hdd or entire hdd.(wiping and formatting is the same?4)wiping and formatting is the same?i want a software doing both of them)
    4)if an external hdd has corrupted files or error occurs with wipe or formatting can i fix it?
    please if you can answer in all questions, and thanks in advance.
    sorry for my bad english

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    The problem is not with software. The problem is with the fact that your computer can only process so much data, when moving it from one drive to another. It is all about how those drives are connected, how fast of a CPU you have, how much RAM you have, how much available space on the drive in your computer and the ones you are moving data too and from for buffer space. Last is what the drives are rated, along with enclosures for max data allowed.
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    ok but i asked about a software doing better job from win.can you recomend a program?
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    I know of a software, AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can do almost(can not say exactly all)what you need. It has both free version and paid version. It can clone partitions or disks, but can not just clone some files you like to choose. it can wipe -formatting parts of external hdd or entire hdd. Wipe refers to completely deleting, which means you can hardly recover the data you wiped, but if you just format the disk, you can recover the data back.
    if an external hdd has corrupted files or error occurs , usually formatting can fix it. But if it broken physically, you can not fix it. I hope this will help you.
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    ok thank you.broken physically... what do you mean?
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    really man???

    whats wrong with these people?

    TeraCopy 3
    this is exactly what you need.. i think the 3.0 version isn't out yet but you will pay for that when it does.. for now use whatever version they have out now and always ALWAYS ONLY SELECT "TERACOPY"

    never select to "move" files.. first always copy then you delete the originals...

    go to TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector
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    How about connecting the two external drives to a different computer that is faster (CPU and SATA ports) and has more memory, just to do the copies?
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    I've used TeraCopy awhile now, it really does a fine copy job. I rarely use move mode whether Windows File Manager or TeraCopy for safety sake. Earlier poster posted the answer before I did
    Another poster made a great point about the physicals of a computer that affect copy and/or move rates. Yes, even though TeraCopy 3 will be cleaner, more upfront with what it is doing at all times, it will not necessarily make the copying go faster.
    If your stuff is important like my stuff is important, be concerned about safe & accurate copy, rather than speed of copy.
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transfer a large amount of data
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