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Check inside zip files for empty file

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    Check inside zip files for empty file

    I'm recently noticed that some zip files that I store images on contain some empty image files "0 KB".
    I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a quick way to scan a bunch of folders each with several zip each and then show which zip files contain empty files.

    Thank you.

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    Use wither 7-zip or Winzip. Basic computing 101.
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    Seriously? Its that simple? I've been searching google for a week now.
    Can you please be more specific though?
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    Hello icebeast, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Basically you would just need to open the .zip file with the 7-Zip program, and check the size to see if shows as 0 KB.
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    Use 7z.exe (7-Zip executable). Something like

    7z l c:\temp\*.zip

    Put it in a batch file and process the output looking for 0 length files. I don't remember offhand how to do this but will see if I can come up with a batch file that works. Maybe someone else can provide it?????
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    I was looking for something that would check multiple files at once. I've been doing it manually but its taking way too long, at this rate I wont be finished until September.
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    The command I showed will check all the zip files in that folder. Add the -r switch to recurse directories too.

    Try this from the Command line after you install 7-Zip.

    7z l d:\temp\*.zip | find " 0 "

    Change d:\temp to one of your folders.
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Check inside zip files for empty file
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