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Laptop half-wakes from sleep by itself.

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    Laptop half-wakes from sleep by itself.

    I've got a weird problem where after putting my laptop to sleep for the night I'll find it half-awake the next morning. By half-awake I mean that the computer is clearly active, hard drive is spinning and the fan is going but the screen is not on and I am not able to turn it on by any means (touching the screen, touching the touchpad, pressing the "screen on/off" key combination, closing and opening the lid, pressing the power button, etc.). I've found the only consistent way to get the computer out of this mode (barring forcing a shutdown by holding the power key) is to unplug it from power and then press the sleep button (Fn+F1) and wait for it to sleep again (this seems to only work if I unplug the power). After doing this, I'm able to wake the computer normally by pressing the power key.

    I've already googled around but haven't been able to anyone with this exact problem, only people whose computers are fully waking from sleep. I've tried some of the troubleshooting I've found with those posts but the problem persists. This problem has been around ever since I got this laptop in January.

    Some of the things I've tried:

    powercfg –lastwake: This does not really help in my situation because I have to force the computer to sleep again and then wake it by the power button in order for the computer to completely wake up. So this command just tells me that the computer last woke up from the power button

    powercfg -devicequery wake_armed: all this turned up was my wireless adapter and the problem still persists after disallowing it from waking my computer. This command now gives me the result: "None"

    powercfg -waketimers: No wake timers

    Automatic maintenance: "Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer" is unchecked

    Event Viewer: From what I understand the computer seems to be waking up and sleeping again a few times, starting around 6AM. The list is pretty similar all the way to the bottom. All these unwanted early morning wakes list their Wake Source as Unknown (see attached screenshot)
    Click image for larger version

    I'm hoping someone has any idea what could be going on. I've already tried doing a Refresh (for another problem) but they always failed (which is another problem I'll have to tackle later).

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    Could be a possible memory leak on the RAM sticks, as when the computer is put to sleep, all the information is stored in RAM, and when the computer wakes, its restoring everything saved in RAM.

    You may want to do a memory test using memtest x86, do a few passes, just to make sure the RAM isn't causing the problem.

    Other possible cause is faulty drivers. Unstable drivers can cause the computer not to restore from sleep. Make sure all of your device drivers are up to date.

    Strange its waking at weird times.
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Laptop half-wakes from sleep by itself.
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