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I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...

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    I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...

    I know the complaints all you haters have. I know you think that the Desktop isn't prominent enough. I know you want a Start menu on the Desktop. I'm aware of all of this.

    In fact, up until yesterday, while I loved Windows 8 RP, it did feel a bit awkward going from Desktop to Metro all the time, so I know where y'all are coming from. Then, I had a thought: why do I have to use the Desktop?

    So here's what I did...

    I refrained from using the Desktop whatsoever in this preview. I just simply do not use it anymore, and yes I'm on a regular, non-touch Sony VAIO.

    Give that a try. Do not even go into the Desktop. Do this for like, a day at least. Picture it as an ASUS Transformer type of thing; your keyboard and mouse you're using is the dock to the tablet which is your monitor. Use the Metro IE, use Metro apps, etc. to get your stuff done. I'm telling you, I have a new outlook on this OS.

    If you do this, let me know your thoughts.

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    I had the same thought. But the Metro Apps are far inferior to what I am using now (and they take a long time to start). Besides some do not work correctly. The workaround is to setup tiles for your preferred traditional apps.

    I kind of like the Metro IE for occasional use. But how do I get my 1580 favorites into it. You can, of course, set the IE such that the Metro tile calls the desktop IE. But then you are back on the desktop.

    So the idea is tempting but the realities make it a bit awkward.
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    Let me give you an example.

    I am currently building a miniature version of Win 8 ( leaving out as much metro rubbish as possible).

    I have multiple wim images mounted simultaneously - I also have several reg editing programs , and several wim manipulation programs running simultaneously ( some of which I wrote myself ).

    At the same time , I am constantly going back and forth between previous builds, file lists, reg files , etc across 17 drives, testing out various combinations in several temp folders, before adding anything to my build. That involves moving and manipulating thousands of files and tens of thousands of reg, entries - repeatedly.

    Try doing that with Metro.
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    To the OP:

    95% of the apps I use don't have anything even close to a metro counterpart. How on earth would that even be possible?

    This statement leads me closer to my conclusion that people that love Metro are people that don't actually do much other than mail and web on their computers, and people that use their computers in any serious way don't like it because it seriously gets in the way of being productive.

    And frankly, I just plain feel insulted by all the metro apps, like I'm some kind of dottering fool with bad eyesight that gets scared of a too many buttons at once. I don't even know why I even have a 24 inch monitor for my Win8 machine. :/

    [Edit] Ugh, that's harsh, I don't mean to criticise other people for the way they use their computer either, but I do feel seriously let down by MS in a huge way, like never before (Well other than MS Bob, that was bad). I just feel like they have personally kicked me and my kind to the curb, we're no longer important. And at the same time using us, well herding us like sheep into a market they are trying to create that I want no part of. Yes.. it's personal. [/Edit]
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    It seems to me Fseal has a point.

    As far as I can tell, those who like Metro must only be doing simple straightforward things.

    The kind of thing you can pretty much do on a phone.

    There is nothing wrong with that.

    If that is all they need to do - fine. If they like to do those things with Metro - also fine - I am happy for them.

    I do not criticize them for it.
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    those that use office applications, cad programs, graphic programs, medical programs and other business programs, will be totally frustrated by the metro desktop, umm most businesses will find this very hard to use and less productitve.

    Those who just surf the net, check email, like to play games and look at pictures will love the new metro.

    As for me I am the first one.

    The only thing Windows 8 will do for me is give me more money when my clients purchase it and find they have not a clue how to use it :P and hire me to teach them,

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    Hmm, that would mean I can't ever go to control panel, device manager, explorer, network and sharing, devices and printers, .......
    Any time you open up or go to one of the above metro disappears. Plus as already mentioned, there aren't apps available to cover all of what I want to do on my PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    To the OP:

    95% of the apps I use don't have anything even close to a metro counterpart. How on earth would that even be possible?

    This statement leads me closer to my conclusion that people that love Metro are people that don't actually do much other than mail and web on their computers, and people that use their computers in any serious way don't like it because it seriously gets in the way of being productive.
    That's the only reasonable conclusion.

    Yesterday I had ~10 windows open, whilst I was doing my TAFE assignments:
    • Multiple Windows Explorer windows.
    • Word (instructions and references).
    • Foxit (instructions and references).
    • XPS (instructions and references).
    • Firefox.
    • Winamp.
    • GIMP.
    • Notepad++.
    • VMware Workstation.

    The VMware Workstation guest OS had 4 windows open.
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    I have tried to use mostly metro apps and that's fine but that's only if I'm doing basic stuff like checking mail and surfing the web. But if I was doing design work then I would not be able to get any work done. Maybe with a pen but I've never used a touch based drawing software where I could work well with so far. I would not prefer typing with touch either but more importantly my design work would not be able to happen with touch maybe with a pen it would be even easier than mouse so I can see that happening but touch based only then no. Metro isn't bad but I find it's mostly for basic tasks such as surfing the web and checking email but I guess that's what they are trying to target. A lot of the metro apps look like boring websites though so there's that.
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    I like Windows 8 and will definitely buy it when the full version comes out. But I use Metro as a program. It gives me news aps (which I like) and a few free games (none of which are that good).
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I'm going to challenge all you Win8 haters...
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