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Windows Explorer crashing constantly

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    Windows Explorer crashing constantly

    My PC seems to be freezing and unfreezing randomly. A lot of the programs don't work, and the apps don't work at all. the side search bar comes up, but clicking on the search items give nothing..Chrome and internet explorer work perfectly fine though! but if i try to install something, or just use file explorer, it just freezes. At that time the windows key doesn't work either. Then it suddenly unfreezes and repeatedly switches between the normal and the start screen (as if there was a lag) but the file explorer completely closes. This happens within 2-5 mins after I login. The only way that it seems to get fixed is when I logout of my user then login again.

    I'm pretty sure there are no viruses. I'm trying to install Malwarebytes, but that also isn't installing! (I use avast)
    I ran sfc/scannow and got the stuff, there are lots of errors...lots of (see filesfcdetails.txt)

    And yes, this all did start after the Win10 update notification came along..
    Actually a few days ago some adware got installed by mistake...and since i couldnt uninstall it i just went and deleted its registry key out of I'm thinking I should haven't done that.I only deleted the offending key, nothing else!
    there's one more adware program too (CinemPlus or smthing), haven't removed it yet, but i don't think that's causing any problems..
    according to windows it updated itself on 5th June (but i don't remember seeing it)

    I'm doing DISM clean-up, if something happens I'll post it..scanHealth seems to be stuck on 20% for now..
    sorry for giving the most nebulous description of a problem ever.. please post if you have any suggestions!

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    Could you do a Restore back to a time before you modified the Registry and/or installed the CinemPlus program? If you have a restore point to go back to, then you could try to remove those programs properly (i.e. did you look in the Control Panel>Programs and Features to see if the program you did want was listed there for uninstall)?
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Windows Explorer crashing constantly
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