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Please explain start menu philosophy!

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    Install classic shell. It goes back to way 7 was. Never bother with the tiles screen again.

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    If you have windows 8.1 you can make shortcuts and have them on the desktop mode like most pre windows 8 computers look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Install classic shell. It goes back to way 7 was. Never bother with the tiles screen again.
    Thanks for the comment I was too chicken to make.
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    I think I know now. The show more apps view just increases/reduces the icon size so one see's more at one time and doesn't have to slide so much. As to why you're not seeing Chrome or Office, did you specifically create a shortcut for the apps/start menu during installation(google asks, I don't know about office).. Why some software is placed on the alphabetical list and some get their own listing, I have no idea, but it was the same on windows 7's start menu too that default software would be placed on top of the program folders.
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    Thanks. I guess I'll just consider the app list a loss. I'll switch to "most recently used" at least. The win7 way is actually really useful. If I use Powerpoint a lot, for example, it'll be at the top of the start menu and if I hover on it, it'll list the last several files I've opened. I use that all the time.
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    Why don't you forget about menus entirely? It's much faster in Win 8.x, to simply use the search function. I know people hate to type but on my Win 8.1 laptop, if I search for Chrome, by the time I type "ch", it's already found. I doubt I could locate Chrome in a menu any faster.
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Please explain start menu philosophy!
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