As I only installed the preview yesterday, I'm still finding my way around and pushing buttons to see what happens. I get a couple of things about Country, and on investigating the help, I get:

  • When you sign in to the app, make sure that the country on your computer is set properly and your account is created for the right country.
  • To change your country, search for "change the country or region setting at Microsoft Support.
  • If your account doesn't match the country that your computer is set to, you'll need to create a new account.

Ok, my country will never be set properly, ever, unless I move. I am English speaking and want my computer to speak English to me (one reason I use an English operating system). However, if I set my country to the Netherlands, I get all kinds of rubbish in Dutch, including installs, and the date. Really, if I wanted Dutch, I would use a Dutch operating system.

How do I get around the fact that I am forced to lie to the OS? I could lie as much as I wanted to in Vista, and it was fine. I can probably do the same in Window 7.