somehow I managed to accidently delete a folder of important pictures. So I go to trash can, and highlight and click restore. It goes to my OneDrive file. I click Home, and Move To, My Pictures. I go to My Pictures, and open the folder, and try to share the picture, then I try to edit the picture, and it says, "An unexpected error kept you from copying the file...." Then error # 0x80270113. I have tried to restore from the one drive trash can, and even after searching Google for a while, and trying several different remedies I found there, I still can't access the pictures.

Even though Windows Photo Viewer can not open the file that is in my pictures, the Photo's app will open it but I still can't edit, save as, or anything else. I don't understand why the Photo app can open it, but Windows Photo Viewer can't, even though the files are saved as .jpg, other than the properties box being marked hidden. However, the hidden box is marked, it is greyed out, so I can't change it. How do I fix this? Let me know what information I left out, because I always forget something LOL.