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Windows 8.1 defragmentation query

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    Windows 8.1 defragmentation query

    I have at last tracked down defragmentation (under Optimization), and called it on my computer.

    (1) There are 2 parts to defragmentation, as I remember from Windows 3.1 and DOS times:-
    (a) Putting the fragments of each file together.
    (b) Packing all the files together so that there are no unused gaps of memory between them.
    My defragmenter does (a), but how can I make it do (b), to stop it from putting new files as fragments, each fragment in one of these small gaps?

    (2) The defrag list shows a directory C:\System Volume Information\ , which I cannot see in my file and directory lister, even in "display hidden files" mode. It contains a file C:\System Volume Information\{8ba708aa-051a-...(etc), which is 9,142,252 kbytes, i.e. over 9 gigabytes! It is in 30 fragments. What is it, taking up so much space?

    The defrag list shows a file C:\hiberfil.sys , again not visible in my directory and file reader, 13,372,256 kbytes, i.e. over 13 gigabytes. It is in 2 fragments. What is it, taking up so much space? Is it a record of old goings-to-sleep, or what?

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    1. You have no control where the file system puts files or file fragments.
    2. The large file contains system restore information and previous versions of files. Do not attempt to delete or modify anything in "System Volume Information". By default even an elevated admin account has no access.
    The hiberfil.sys is used with hibernation. When entering hibernation the contents of RAM is written to this file. On resuming it is read back.
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    You can use 3rd party defragmenter, which offers a better control over defragmentation, like:
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Windows 8.1 defragmentation query
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