I want to hit [Winkey], and type “notes” and see a file I keep in MyDocs … notes.odt.

I simply want to add that to my search results. It used to be there; now it is not. The file has never left my machine.

I'd also like to be able to remove some of the irrelevant search results of files that I will never use:

  • notes_old copy.odt
  • _notes_other old copy I'll never use.odt
  • _notes_third copy off old machine I sold a year ago.odt
  • Sticky Notes

Obviously the last example is different as it's an app. An app that I never have and never will use. But if I uninstall it Windows updates will probably just reinstall it at some point. I want control of my search results, not workarounds.

Also. Sure. I can manually change the dropdown to “Files”, and THEN see what I'm looking for amongst a bunch of other junk, but again, I'm not looking for a workaround. I'm looking to be able to control what is, and is not, in the specific default “everywhere” search results whey I hit Winkey and type “notes”.


Thank you.