I purchased my Dell Inspiron 15 3537 laptop a year ago and up until recently it had worked fine, however recent problems i have encountered have been as follows:
-If i close the lid or use any other method to try to put the laptop into sleep mode the screen will turn off, as normal, but it cannot be woken by any means, requiring a forced shutdown then restart.
-If the laptop is left to idle to long and the screen turns off, but not to sleep, the same situation as above occurs.
-Sometimes, but not every time, when the laptop is restarted it doesn't recognize any AMD graphics driver, or any AMD device which i assume means it cannot detect the card
-Sometimes, but not every time and seemingly not linked to the AMD problems, when the laptop is restarted I am unable to adjust the brightness of the screen by any means, the keyboard buttons do not work and the options usually found in the power options are no longer visible.
-I sometimes get a device manager code 43 for the Intel graphics HD family

-Intel i7-4500u core
-64 bit proccessor
-AMD Radeon HD 8850

I had these problems earlier in the year, and they were fixed with a factory reset, but one day while trying to play a game the laptop crashed and after the forced update these problems arose again. I called dell support to no avail, and I've searched for an answer but i cannot find it, likely due to my lack of technical understanding. If anyone can help id be grateful. If I've left off important information please ask and i will find it.