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I'm getting ready to build a new tower, and I'm not finding any reasons to consider AMD over Intel at this point.
Many people like to root for the underdog. I'm not preferential to Intel or AMD, but I haven't purchased an AMD based processor since the Althon X2 64 because that was the last time it was the better processor for the dollar. Some people have a specific workload where the # of processor cores really matter, but many just blindly think that 8 cores must be better than 4 cores. The mistake many people make is to compare an 8 core AMD and 8 core Intel and say, "Wow, the Intel costs a ton more". But what they fail to realize is that often times the comparably priced 4 core Intel outperforms the AMD 8 core.

I'd love for AMD to get out of the budget ranks, but I haven't seen any indication that things are heading that way.