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Windows 8 is a few steps backwards

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    You guys are lucky. I have nothing but trouble in 2 installations. But hope always dies last.
    What kind of troubles are you experiencing?
    Well, I had a lot of freezes. In my virtual box installation and also in the installation in a partition. The RP is also running slower than CP in vBox - at times very slow.

    I think there is a problem with the garphics driver. Unfortunately I did not find a Win8 update from ATI. The one they put out does not apply to my HD 2400 Pro. Yesterday there were a few Win8 updates available that I installed. It seems to have helped with the freezes. We'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corringdon View Post
    Until then I'll have to plod along with W7.
    I'll confess when I first saw Win8 I thought what the **** is this all about. Read bits 'n' pieces about how cool it was and to think anything else meant I would be left behind - oh big deal. As time has gone on though some reality has begun to creep into the thinking especially round here. If you have a Win7 set up that's running exactly how you like it then why even bother changing. Just save your $$'s.

    Maybe MS will see sense (Sinofsky & Ballmar) although I doubt it. Think they've gone too far down the road to change their minds now. They are living in a bubble so just leave them to it.

    OEM's will pre-install Win8 and take the flack. That could just backfire as if any of the 'normals' out there are put off by Win8 on their shiny new laptop then the last thing they will look at is a Win8 based phone. It will be a no no. So this alienating the desktop/laptop users could just be a double whammy.

    This whole thing is going to be very interesting. For now though I'll stick with what I've got as it's all humming along nicely.
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Windows 8 is a few steps backwards
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