Dual monitor issues anyone? As of the latest check up Realtime has still neglected to release any newer version of the UltraMon program for use on the Windows 8 Release Preview. The May 4, 2012 PC World report explains how the alternative DisplayFusion program however does have an updated version available for what still lacks in 8 for multiple monitors.

DisplayFusion Relieves Windows 8's Multi-Monitor Headaches

By Jared Newman, PCWorld May 4, 2012 8:25 AM

Windows 8's support for multiple monitors is better than previous versions of the operating system, but it still needs improvement.

Although users can now run a taskbar through all of their screens in Windows 8, they can launch the Start menu only from one of them. And in the absence of a proper Start button, getting to that menu can be tricky because your cursor can spill onto the next screen over.

So, as with previous versions of Windows, third-party programs must fill the gap in Windows 8's lackluster multi-monitor support. DisplayFusion Pro, my favorite Windows multi-monitor software, just got an update to support Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and it eliminates the headaches caused by Microsoft's native software. The “Pro” version costs $25 for one PC, or $35 for all computers in a home.

DisplayFusion brings a proper Start button to your secondary monitors in Windows 8, and lets you open a classic pop-up Start menu to launch applications within the monitor you're using. You no longer have to find the hot corner on your main monitor, go into Metro, open an application, then drag it into the desktop window you want to use. (DisplayFusion users will find the new Start menu options under “Settings > Taskbar > “Use alternate Start Menu.”)
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DisplayFusion Pro seems to include a Start menu as well as the necessary 3rd party help typically needed for any previous version of Windows as well. The report also mentions the Start menu 7 option many here are already familiar with.

The big difference with the Start menu option in DisplayFustion however over the other apps seen is seeing a shutdown/restart/logoff button included. What lacks with any seeing that included however is the ability to right click in order to set that to restart or logoff as the default. The button there however brings up the list of shutdown options not having one set as default over what the others see.

One solution for UltraMon found on the 8 CP was to disable the menu bar button options in order to install and run that and then install the free to try latest version of DisplayFusion simply to see the move button added onto all windows which includes browser windows as well as explorer and app windows.