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Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

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    That sounds weird....I've never heard of issues like that due to a card reader....but yeah, hopefully that gets fixed before RTM. That is unacceptable.

    Speaking of such, I remember once installing Windows 7 on a laptop and we were trying to get an SD card to be read and I saw that the driver was never installed. I thought it was odd that Windows didn't have a driver to install for that to get it to work. So I had to find HP's driver for that and it was working. Strange stuff I say.

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    I did a Clean install, formatted the CP partition in the setup section, installed in 15 minutes and no problems.
    ISO installed on a flash drive.
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    Hi there
    I had a TERRIBLE time but eventually got it OK
    Something had set my internal "C" disk so the system thought it was a USB stick which caused no end of problems after install.

    Totally wiped the Disc -- actually changed the disk to SSD -- went fine -- less than 12 mins from start install to Bootup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HPDeskjet View Post
    I had no problems with Customer Preview, everything worked, but, I must say that this Release Preview is another story all together. My PC hardware configuration is unchanged since installing Windows 7 when it came on to the market.

    1. Doing a clean install did not install a clean installation of Windows 8. It took three attempts. Previous wallpaper, user login avatars, etc. kept showing up in the new supposedly clean install, even when installing with a local account.

    2. At shut down I am constantly getting a winlog.exe error stating that I need to insert a disk in to various empty drives. This stops the computer from shutting down. The error message appears 18 times and has to be clicked away every time it appears. The OS shuts down but my computer hardware keeps running [fans, disks, etc.] I fear I may have to get rid of Windows 8 RP before it ruins my entire PC.

    3. After the OS has shut down the computer itself will not switch the power of. The computer light showing disk activity is constantly on, even though the OS has been shut down.

    I'm going to have to give up on this OS. This release candidate is not working at all well on my setup. Highly peculiar, especially as I had no issues with the Customer Preview and nothing has been changed in my PC hardware setup.
    I had exactly the same problem, clean install, dual boot with Windows 7, formatted the partition, had to install 3 times to get it to work, but was very quick when it did install.
    Same error message when closing down, keep hitting cancel, then closes down but wont turn off and have to manually turn it off.
    I must admit though it runs very well and slick when its going. I'm sure MS will fix this up shortly, I had a similar problem with the CP when I first installed it, about a week later it was fine, Rome wasnt built in a day.

    Do I sound like a Fanboy or what.

    Love the Tulips Deskjet, I'm originally from Holland but have been living in Australia for over 50 years. Went back to Holland 2 years ago, loved it, will be going back again soon.
    I ran my PC this morning downloaded a few Apps, there were a couple of updates, played around with the Apps for a while then closed down the machine, and now it closes down with no problems, so the updates must have fixed things, for me anyway.
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Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.
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