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How to set default window size?

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    How to set default window size?

    I would like to set window sizes of programs/prompts on my laptop to fullscreen, but after re-opening the program/prompt after sizing its window, it would go back to its default window size, which isn't fullscreen. How do I set the default windows size so that when all programs/prompts open their windows are at that size? Answer back as soon as possible, and thank you.

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    I'm not sure about full screen mode. But to automatically setting size, including Maximized, AutoSizer freeware is worth a try.
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    I have a quirkier way of doing a "full-screen." One at a time, hopefully only once, I place each program window into the upper left corner, barely touching that corner. Taking my mouse, I "pull across and down" until program fills the screen. Almost all programs remember that "full-screen." Be aware that a number of programs do not, will not, keep that setting, many come up with their programmed size, and that's that.
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How to set default window size?
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