I recently reset my Lenovo laptop which is running Windows 8.1, using a recovery USB that I created when I initially bought it. After doing a full reset, I noticed that I can no longer rename tile groups on the start menu. I hold ctrl+mwheeldown to zoom out, and can still rearrange the tile groups, but if I right click on one, nothing happens. In the past, doing so would allow me to give the group a name (eg: naming a group of tiles for various IDEs as 'Development'). I know this shouldn't be the end of the world, but it's really bothersome considering I reset the PC to start fresh with a clean slate. I did not have this issue before I did the reset.
Any help getting this feature to work properly again would be greatly appreciated, and if you need anymore info just let me know what you need and how to acquire it for you and I'll do so asap!